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iOS games are creating a growing market demand, every year, and games are among the most popular apps on iStore.
Now is the time to get on this bandwagon and realize your iOS game development dreams while making quite a lot of bucks. Bleeding Edge specialises in iOS game development to create amazing 2D/3D iPad and iPhone games. We’ve created a number of iOS games across multiple genres that have been featured on iStore as well. With such an expertise along with a team of dedicated designers and developers, we will make sure you have the best debut or return into the world of iOS game development that top charts and reaches the highest levels of engagement.

What We Offer

Expert Development

Our team of developers is highly experienced and nuanced. They know what it takes to create an iOS game that will top the charts by integrating the latest iOS frameworks, their strong hold on XCode and Swift as well game engines such as Unity 3D and Cocos 2D to expertly develop your iOS 2D/3D games.

Latest Technologies

Our iOS design and programming infrastructure ensures smooth integration of the latest technologies. Thanks to our expertise in GPS APIs, Map API, ARKit, NLP APIs, and various IoT integrations at hardware and OS level, we can deliver best results.

Marketing Goals

We are attuned to flexible requirements and are seasoned iOS game developers who know how to monetize iOS games for game app entrepreneurs and satisfy the needs of businesses by creating games attuned to their marketing goals.

Asset Creation

No matter the genre, no matter the gameplay, we will create assets from scratch. Our highly skilled designers know the graphical standards when it comes to the games that rule the iStore and they provide nothing but the best.

Stellar Gameplay

The games we will create for you, will not only feature the latest technologies but we make sure that it also enhances user engagement as well as replayability through precise and captivating gameplay.

Our Process

Requirements Gathering

After we discuss and evaluate the game idea with you, we accumulate all the requirements of our clients and then assess their effectiveness based on the market trends and the feasibility as well as the limitations of the iOS devices. After detailing and agreeing on the finer aspects of the game, we create the requirement document and set the project milestones.

iOS Game Design

Our highly skilled and experienced team of designers craft the UI/UX, interface, assets, and gameplay that is clear and precise while promoting user engagement to produce longer retention as well as replayability.

iOS Game Development

Our team of developers, with extensive experience, are aptly proficient in the trending features of iOS games and their application. They also employ their own creativity according to the trending features to code and integrate the assets.

Final Testing

Final testing is done after the integration of all the game elements. Rigorous testing not only ensures that the quality is up to the iOS game standards but that the client requirements are met. We are extremely dedicated to our client satisfaction.


After thorough testing that guarantees top-notch quality, the final draft of the game is submitted to the iStore as you confirm and green-light the game.

Why Choose Us

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On Time Delivery With Quality

With our vast experience in iOS Game Development, we understand that it is the best platform to create and publish fast-paced games thus the need to create less memory consuming and high-performance game app. We check all those boxes while delivering your game on time.

Experienced Team

Our highly skilled and diverse team of game designers, iOS game developers and game artists have spent many years in creating A grade games and they will deliver your game enveloped in that same passion.

Customer Support

Bleeding Edge delivers fast, 24/7 support and maintenance for clients who are in need of help even after the development process is over.

Complete Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your iOS game is your brainchild and we respect that therefore we gurantee 100% client satisfaction with any and all projects you hand over to us. Our deep understanding of the psyche of the gamer helps
makes each of our game a winner.

Competitive Prices

We provide the best prices that are market competitive and friendly on your budget

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