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Gamification is the utilization and application of game elements,
mechanics and techniques to various non-traditional gaming areas. It is changing the way training is delivered by keeping the users engaged and motivated by employing point scoring, competitions, leaderboard and more. It enables intuitive learning and immersive experiences for better content delivery. Bleeding Edge offers you complete solutions in Gamification.

Our Goal

Our goal is to grow your business and brand through the Gamification process so that you achieve maximum success by:
Increased Productivity

We ensure that our Gamification processes serve both you, the employer, and employee by improving productivity and positively impacting business results.

Incentive To Learn

Games incentivize employees to learn and accomplish more skills, which raises competency levels throughout an organization. Gaming is also applied to boost knowledge and loyalty among customers, channel partners, and other stakeholders.

Impactful Roi

Since Gamification can lead to behavioral change, it can build performance improvements that impact ROI for organizations.

Get Feedback

Feedback shows people how they are doing. For example, in most corporate training programs, users don’t receive any real-time feedback, but in our corporate gamification services, we use the points or badges that get updated as the users start playing. Importantly, we show learners their progress which spurs them to work on their flaws. Collecting feedback from the users also actually helps to solve the business issues. It helps to figure out where we can improve in our business and we never miss out on this.

Our Solutions Promote

We create customized gamification solutions for a number of corporate training processes such as:
  • ● Leadership Training
  • ● Education & Training
  • ● Travel and Tourism
  • ● Retail & Commerceg
  • ● Sales Training
  • ● Policy Awareness
  • ● Safety & Compliance
  • ● Onboarding

Why Bleeding Edge

Quality Ensured

Facebook Instant Game development should leave an impact and such an engagement that will create replayability. These are the precise objectives we focus upon to provide our users the complete rich experience of such games.

Client Satisfaction

We guarantee 100% client satisfaction with any and all projects you hand over to us. Our deep understanding of the psyche of the gamer helps make each of our game a winner.

Technical Engagement

With a list of Facebook Instant games published and widely appreciated, we have the passion to create more user engaging content through masterful story-telling, addictive gameplay, and perfect execution.

Customer Support

Bleeding Edge delivers fast, 24/7 support and maintenance for clients who are in need of help even after the development process is over.

Affordable Prices

We provide the best prices that are market competitive and better than what anyone can offer.

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