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With the advent of Pokemon GO,
Augmented Reality games saw an increased demand across mobile platform gaming. No wonder, since they use the real world maps and locations as the gaming environment and augmenting them with an engaging story, impressive creatures, and amazing, achievable quests. Meanwhile, this is also a great opportunity to incorporate the invented worlds in reality. Bleeding Edge has carved its name among AR game developers who have the experience and passion for this new age technology. We are your top choice and solution for developing a state of the art Augmented Reality game that will rule the charts.

What We Offer

Specification Oriented

We take your requirements seriously and put in our maximum effort to give you the full realization of your concepts that will trend the market for a long time. We carefully analyze what you require from an Augment Reality game and then our efficient development team tirelessly works to make that happen while taking great care about the quality and standards.

Alluring Design

Passionate players of AR games look for engaging experiences that will leave lasting impressions through alluring graphics. This is achieved with the help of our designers who make the entire world a canvas for your product. The main idea goes through several stages with a need to cover both environmental and interaction design.

Strategic Consulting

Our interest is in making sure your business grows through us. That’s why we take into consideration the strategies that will leverage your business by utilizing the most effective technologies available to drive ROI.

Asset Creation

AR games are only as engaging as their plot. We help reach maximum intrigue for your AR game by creating characters and other assets from scratch that will help trend your game among others.

Technologies We Use

  • The introduction of ARKit for iOS was followed by a number of iterations where each brought new features that can be used in your apps which helps us create engaging experiences. Furthermore, they can be enhanced with data science models for advanced object recognition.
  • Likewise, ARCore (essentially a similar toolkit for Android) that blends the real with the digital using motion tracking and environmental understanding. Both of these technologies opened Augmented Reality to a huge audience of smartphone users.
  • Advanced Level Programming partook by our skilled team of developers.
  • 2D & 3D Game and App Developers.
  • Cross-platform support with Unity.
  • C# language based.
  • Emulator or device to test the game.

Why Choose Us

Industrial Grade Quality

AR game development should leave an impact and a reality that should immerse the player These are the precise objectives we focus upon to provide our users the complete rich experience of AR games. We utilize the latest AR technologies to develop perfection by delivering the absolute AR experience.

100% User Satisfaction

Your AR game is your brainchild and we respect that therefore we guarantee 100% client satisfaction with any and all projects you hand over to us. Our deep understanding of the psyche of the gamer helps makes each of our game a winner

Technical Engagement

With a list of AR games published and widely appreciated, we have the passion to create more user engaging content through masterful story-telling, addictive gameplay, and perfect execution.

Customer Support

Bleeding Edge delivers fast, 24/7 support and maintenance for clients who are in need of help even after the development process is over.

Competitive Prices

We provide the best prices that are market competitive and friendly on your budget.

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