We are Happy to Introduce Bleeding Edge Studio
the latest and greatest in the world of gaming technology!

BLEEDING EDGE STUDIO the latest and greatest in the world of gaming technology! Bleeding Edge Studio is a startup with a mind for innovative and futuristic gaming that engages the player on multiple levels that allow them to explore new and exciting places.

Bleeding Edge Studio was founded in August of 2016 by a dynamic group of technical experts that have dedicated their time and energy to creating the best gaming experience for the more discerning game player.

The company’s formation, years in the making, has finally unleashed their games on google play, iOS, Kindle, and Facebook! Their new game BLEEDING EDGE, now released on Google play, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and substantial downloads within the two months of its public release. It gives the user what today's gamers are looking for a great experience, imaginative games that will keep you coming back for more.

Bleeding Edge Studio builds next generation 2D and 3D games for multiple ages, whether you are looking for an age appropriate game for your toddler, or trying to find the next game that will blow you away, they have what you are looking for. Bleeding Edge Studio enable users with the limitless potential in accessing futuristic scenarios and world landscapes that will transport everyone who plays, to a place of unbelievable imagination and excitement! Based in 2047, BLEEDING EDGE, the game, offers users ways of navigating a global virtual landscape of characters and competing interests, while experiencing amazing graphics.

There is no wonder why Bleeding Edge Studio has become widely popular and hugely supported in its short existence; this speaks volumes to the quality and excellence of their games. It offers a virtual techno-scene of world scenarios that satisfy the curiosity of competing for survival in worlds that look different from the one we see currently. At the pace of technological developments that defy the current imagination, Bleeding Edge Studio integrate simulated adventures of how the diverse array of components from economics to city design playout in new worlds while allowing the gamer to create a city of their making, allowing their imagination and creativity to run free. The team’s combined experience promises an exciting, innovative, and all around awesome gaming experience. Their commitment to creating quality 2D and 3D games that will be enjoyed by everyone who experiences it. Whether you are an expert gamer or want the game that will transport you to different world and time, Bleeding Edge, the game has what you are looking for! Make sure you make it a point to check out what they have to offer. You will definitely be hearing a lot about them in the future!